A Fresh Holiday


We're getting to about that time where you start to realize you still have a handful of gifts to go - and where the panic starts to set in.... this is also about the time of year we start looking for a one-stop shop for everyone on my list. This year, Fresh made this super easy for me when they invited us into the shop for a little Christmas Shopping - and we ended up nearly finishing my entire gift-shopping list in under 30 minutes. 

From beautifully scented soaps (we went with the Gardenia Magnolia and the Coriander Lavender Petit Soap), to this candle and the Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask, there was something special for everyone. Plus, their gift sets are pretty no-brainer by the way, and they even have a gift picker online that can help organize gift options by person, price, and type of gift - and they even have gifts for men. (Plus, how cute is their wrapping?) 

We also picked up their Cannabis Santal scent for ourselves, which I've been curious about for some time, and it has been burning bright on our desk every since. We love the sensual, woodsy airiness of the fragrance. It's moody but light, and not overpowering.