While I'm no stranger to dance-focused workouts, I've never actually tried pilates on a reformer before. So I was really excited when I got a chance to do just that at OnPointe Training in SF. My first class was with a small group - kind of intimidating, considering that I have never used reformer equipment before, but it was actually easier than I expected to pick up, which was a nice surprise! And I love that almost immediately, it makes you feel graceful - like you are instantly achieving something. I love the targeted focus of each exercise, how much stretching there is (lengthening is key!), and the personal attention you get on both technique and posture throughout the class. 

I went back in for a one-on-one with OnPointe founder and ex professional ballet dancer, Kaitlyn Rhoades, which was an amazing experience. Her expertise and passion is so apparent in her training. I love that when you do personal training, you don't get away with anything - which just means a better workout for you in the end.  Not only did I get targeted focus on what I wanted to work on, but she also did an excellent job working around injuries (in my case, a pulled muscle from an attempt at splits without warming up, the week prior).

I totally recommend working a reformer into your workouts every now and again. Any workout that targets while stretching you out is a major bonus in my book - but make sure you get a good place with a small class like OnPointe because that definitely makes a difference! 

What other classes or exercises do you like or have you been wanting to try? I'm thinking my next foray may just involve a trampoline...

P.S. I'm sharing every workout I do on my Snapchat so follow along if you want to know what classes/workouts I'm doing on a daily basis! Find me under the username: Tienlyn