While the world may still be speculating about the real identity of ‘Becky with the good hair,’ one thing is for sure. That’s probably the last thing someone would say to cryptically describe me.

While I’m pretty confident when it comes to skincare, beauty, and makeup, hair has always been an area where I’m not nearly as confident. This is partly because, plainly put, I have weird hair. It’s fine, with lots of baby hairs, mostly curly (no one believes me but its true), but then randomly straight in certain spots, topped off with a fabulous cowlick that can sometimes stick straight up like an antenna.

That being said, having good hair can be a fabulous accessory that really finishes off your entire look. Considering that my personal style is a mix of sophisticated and casual, and mostly minimal but with an edge, I’ve always wanted my hair to reflect this as well. This is partly why I’ve been working with Sassoon to grow out my layers for a more sleek look, as well as playing with color to take my hair from a last minute thought to a fabulous accessory that really complements my entire look.

With that notion of accessorizing and finishing off your personal style with your hair, and because their latest collection, TORQUE, is inspired by this exact idea, I had a quick chat with Sassoon Creative Director, Michael Forrey, to answer a few of my biggest hair questions.  Jump down to see what we talked about: 


How do you find a hairstyle that works with your own personal style?

Start with suitability and find a shape that complements your hair texture, lifestyle and fits your day-to-day beauty routine. After that, tailor the cut to fit your personal style–whether it's edgy, classic, cool, or fierce, really think about what feelings you are trying to evoke and then work toward that aesthetic.



When you see a photo of someone with a great hairstyle, how do you know if it will translate well to your own style?

Suitability is still key here. Look for someone with similar hair texture, face shape and features, hair color, and quality of the hair. These are great indicators of whether a particular look will translate well. 

What is the first thing to consider when looking for a haircut - your face shape, or your hair type?

Both! We can't consider one without the other. Face shape and hair type are certainly separate, but equally important elements in deciding on a style and creating "The Total Look."


At this point, we all know about contouring with makeup. Can you do that with your hair too? 

Absolutely! Following in the same vein as makeup - it all comes down to proper technique in contouring the face with a haircut. For example, to bring out the cheekbones, we create dimension in the cut and frame the face with angles and layers pointing to particular parts of the face. Similarly, we work hand-in-hand with our colorists to create a precision color which complements the cut and contours the face.