As maid of honor for my sister's wedding, I was charged with a few extra duties, one of which was being the official stylist of my sister's wedding party - from brides to mother-of-the-bride. Attempting to get a cohesive look with so many personalities was definitely a challenge, but thanks to Fame and Partners's customizable selection of jaw-on-the-floor, stunner dresses, it was shockingly easy. 

Tiffany, one of my sister's oldest friends (and one of my favorite people ever), was pretty easy. We both love flowing dresses, a touch of romance, and all the blush we can get our hands on. Tiffany actually ended up going with the Callais dress, which was in my own top three picks, while I went for something a little more minimalist and structured in the Nebula dress (I requested that the front slit be closed since I'm mostly legs, aka generally front-slit inappropriate for most situations).

And then there was my mom, who hates bras (die-hard love child till the end), long dresses, pink (my sister's wedding party color choice), and feeling constricted. She wanted something super lightweight, and also basically didn't want any fabric touching her body. Which is why the Minutiae dress was essentially made for her! We changed the length from maxi to midi, and the spaghetti straps and front fabric made going braless easy, and the fabric was lightweight and draped around her beautifully and comfortably. We also went with navy to compliment my sister's wife's side of the wedding party, which ended up looking gorgeous with the two blush dresses. 

Considering we all live in different cities, coordinating with Tiffany, my mom and my sister (who had final approval of all dresses) would have been messy and time consuming were it not for the Fame and Partners Wedding Atelier AppWe were able to design our dresses to particular specifications, group chat about them, and even weigh in and vote on the final looks. If you are planning a wedding, I highly recommend it! It made one part of the wedding planning a piece of cake, which, trust me, was a huge plus. 

Because when it all comes down to it, what really mattered was enjoying every moment of the day with family and new family, and celebrating the two most beautiful brides I have ever seen. <3

Looking forward to sharing more from the wedding later this week!



My sister Raelyn and her wife Manuela #raemanu17&nbsp;

My sister Raelyn and her wife Manuela #raemanu17 


Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli

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