While sleep is one of the things I treasure the most in life, it doesn’t exactly flow in abundance these days. Between working on the GeoDome, the blog, producing, and hosting, sleep is the first thing that gets pushed aside. 

Unfortunately, I’m kinda on camera a lot. And even more unfortunately, sleep is the thing that makes me look the best. So, as any beauty obsessed person would do, I’ve spent a good amount of time perfecting a natural makeup look that make me look like I’ve relished in 8 hours of glorious sleep. 

See below for a few of my favorite tricks on how to look bright and fresh, no matter how few hours you’ve had: 


1. Start with a power eye cream: Telling a big lie means starting with a solid foundation. Which means if you’re going to fake looking rested, you need to start with a powerful eye cream. My best ‘fake it till you make it’ eye cream of the moment is definitely the Clarins Multi-Active Eye Cream for a few reasons. The Escin from Horse Chestnut + Caffeine help to diminish dark circles and puffiness, while the Teasel extract helps to visibly minimize fine lines. But my favorite part might be the cryo-metallic application tip, which helps to enhance drainage so eyes appear instantly brighter, clearer, and younger. 


2. Pick the right concealer: While going for a concealer color that’s much lighter than your natural skin tone may seem like it will help with dark circles, it’s actually just the opposite. Go for a concealer in your true shade and opt for one with a warmer undertone to help cancel out the blue in those dark eye circles. 

3. Take advantage of Illuminating Pigments:  Clarins Multi-Active Eye Cream contains illuminating pigments to brighten eye contours - which makes it perfect for an extra little hack: after your eye cream is dry, mix a dollop of the Multi-Active Eye Cream into your under-eye concealer before applying. Not only does this prevent your concealer from being too heavy or caky, but it also adds a little extra illumination to the concealer, helping it deflect from any imperfections or dark shadows. 


4. Lay off the eyeliner: Believe it or not, heavy eyeliner can actually make you look MORE tired, especially on the bottom lash line. When I’m looking a little tired, I skip the liner altogether, and apply just a touch of eyeliner underneath my upper lash line (the upper lid version of your waterline) to keep my eyes as open as I can, while give my lashes a little extra thickness. 

5. Lighten up on the lips: Just as how too-heavy eyeliner can make you look more tired, so can a dark or too-bold shade of lip. Go for a soft pink and finish the look off with blush swept across your cheekbones (and lightly across your lids for good measure) and you’re all set to go!

Of course, another great to combat the look of fatigue is to actually get 8 hours sleep, which I've actually started to try scheduling into my calendar, believe it or not! But until I can get that habit going, these 5 tricks should hold me over... ;) 



Photos by me

In partnership with Clarins, however all opinions are my own.