Maybe it's the extreme of excess as we forge into the holiday season, but there is something about this time of month that makes me crave a refined simplicity. I somewhat unconsciously find myself clearing away the cobwebs and clutter in an effort to re-introduce the fundamentals. This goes not just for my wardrobe, but for all aspects of my life. From filing away loose paperwork, to re-examining my beauty rituals, to finishing and re-organizing old books, to clearing the slate on my fitness routine in an effort to start fresh, re-focused on basic intentions and goals. 

For me, it's a way of honing back in on a clear voice and vision before the New Year starts so that I'm not left scrambling at the beginning of 2016. I've also started cleaning out and inserting esssential items into my closet in order to bring it back to full, tip top working condition. Classic denim? Check. Essential yet highly covetable cami? Done. Dramatically classic layers. Yup. Accessories? Obvs. And even high-performance at that (thanks to Mira for making an activity tracker gorgeous enough to wear as a minimalistic, statement piece). 

And now that that's settled, let's have a little fun before 2016, shall we? ;)