Ok so I don't usually walk Mao dressed like this, nor is Mao ever really on a leash - but this day was a little different. We took Mao to dinner eat with us at Louie's as it seemed only right after her enduring the 3.5 hr car ride to get there. 

I recently discovered Bring Fido, which gives an amazing rundown of where you can bring your fur baby with you, and it has seriously been game changing. Which is pretty amazing because I have some serious mom guilt about leaving my little one behind! Also on the list was Crushcakes Cafe, which, by the way, make a mean panini - shoutout to the super friendly staff there too! We skipped the cupcakes, but now I can't seem to get them off my mind... ah, regrets. But if our biggest regret is not buying a cupcake, I think we're doing just fine... 

Happy Weekend!