SWEATER  (also  HERE ).  SHIRT  (also  HERE ).    JEANS  (now on sale) . SHOES (  similar  )and BELT (bought at   Sky Village Swap Meet  ).   CHOKER.     SUNGLASSES.

SWEATER (also HERE). SHIRT (also HERE). JEANS (now on sale). SHOES (similar)and BELT (bought at Sky Village Swap Meet). CHOKER. SUNGLASSES.

It's amazing how quickly I've been able to acclimate to desert life. I just love it down here so much - everything about it. The sunrises, the sunsets, the quality of life, and the community, which I'm hoping to get to know even better, in between all the work we've been doing on both houses. 

Things I miss include my family, friends, a few favorite restaurants, and definitely Ranch 99 (I can't survive for too long without good, home cooked Chinese food). Luckily, we're headed back up north in about a next week or so, and I'm definitely planning on stocking up!

P.S. just bought this new side table to tie in to our gorgeous new coffee table for Cactus Mountain, which I'll give you a sneak peek of tomorrow - we're getting so close to being mostly done, which means we'll be moving to the Buckminster House any day now! And once we're closer to wrapping up Cactus Mountain, I'll fill you in on our next project, which I'm really excited about!




Photos by Nikko Valentino