If I had my way, I'd probable live in sweats, leggings, basically anything I can wear to the gym - but that's not always the most stylish way to go about your day! So when I find workout pieces that I can wear to the gym as well as for day - and even for a night out, you'd have to fight me to keep me from wearing them as much as possible. 

A while back, a friend introduced me to a wellspring of day-to-night inspired workout pieces, aka, Carbon38. It's like their collection of gorgeous activewear pieces were curated for people just like me - people who want an emphasis in style in everything they do, but live modern, active lives, and consider comfort to be an integral part of feeling and looking their best. 

So yea, I'd wear the core of this outfit to the gym. But I'd just as soon wear this for a night out! And if you agree with me, check after the jump to shop this look, and a few other favorites from Carbon38!