/   BAG   /   SUNGLASSES   /   SHOES   / JACKET (Limited Edition. In black   HERE  , in white   HERE  ) /   TOP   /   JEANS   /   BELT   /   EARRINGS   /   BRACELET   / 

/ BAG / SUNGLASSES / SHOES / JACKET (Limited Edition. In black HERE, in white HERE) / TOP / JEANS / BELT / EARRINGS / BRACELET

Due to the heatwave in Toronto (I'm starting to think that heatwaves are following us everywhere we go), I wasn't exactly able to wear half the things I packed - including most of the 4 coats I brought and all of the turtlenecks and mock necks I was so excited to wear nonstop. This has meant a heavy repeat of a few basics - a clean, perfectly fitting (and socially acceptable) black crop top, kick flare jeans, and the belt I couldn't leave behind in the leather shop I discovered in Bellagio. And of course, the marigold clutch I've been touting about nonstop.

During a slightly cooler moment, I managed to get a little wear out of my favorite, limited edition, customized marigold suede Veda jacket (a gift from the team at The Arrivals and possibly one of my favorite gifts ever) as well - I was a little hesitant about going matchy matchy with my back and jacket (that somehow match to perfection), but with casual neutrals, turns out it works. Kind of like how wearing LA coordinates in the middle of Toronto somehow works. It's kind of like bringing a little love note from home with me everywhere I go - and we'll be going a lot of places in the next few days! More soon!