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While I loved exploring Alaska, one of my favorite thing about the cruise was the time just spent lounging on board, gazing out at the endless ocean, being rocked by the waves while drifting in and out of a dreamlike haze. There aren't a lot of times where I really allow myself to relax, but there's something about being on a boat in the middle of nowhere that gives permission to take time to yourself - and maybe, if you're feeling really indulgent, to even nap a little bit. 

The more still moments like these had such a profound effect on me (and even made me more energetic afterwards), that I've even decided to try and bring them home with me - giving myself permission to allot one day a month to doing nothing - to add essential oils to the humidifier (a must in the desert) put Sevdaliza on repeat, draw the blinds, and allow myself to just drift... 



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Photos by Kelsey Bollig