Brand Obsession: Aurate

One of my biggest weaknesses is jewelry. I'm as much a sucker for the unapologetically artistic pieces as I am for the classics - but when I find the two married together, it's quite difficult for me for me to walk away! My most recent discovery, AUrate, is my complete kryptonite. So much, in fact, that upon receiving and wearing the hell out of my diamond bezel bracelet, I've found myself drifting over to the Aurate website time and time again to dream about the next piece for my collection. In fact, I was kind of hoping you might be able to help me pick it!

But first, a little about AUrate and what makes them so obsession-worthy. Not only are all their pieces very unique, but they're meant to be worn forever - and with the intention to become heirloom pieces for the generations that follow. That being said, they also use the best quality materials possible (and they'll repair and polish them for life as well) so they can actually become heirloom pieces! 

While this all sounds fabulous, it doesn't really mean anything unless you can actually afford the pieces right? Well believe it or not, everything is actually fairly priced as well! Plus, the diamonds are ethically sourced, which is a huge plus for me (about 95% of my diamonds I own are ethical - either in how they are sourced or because they are vintage). 

Ok so now to help me pick the next piece. I'm currently deciding between a two of each type of jewelry (not like I'll be getting one of each type, but a girl can dream).

Here are a couple of the pieces I've been dying over (I do have a few anniversaries/big things to celebrate coming up, after all... ) 



Or this?



Or this? 

Or a Necklace? 

Should I get the diamond bezel necklace to match the bracelet? (I tend to wear silver on my wrists, gold and silver on the fingers, but I've found when it comes to necklaces, I prefer gold jewelry more than not)

Or this? 

But there are so many good necklaces, it's hard to decide! Check out their entire necklace collection here....

I'd love a little feedback! What's your favorite piece? Second favorite? Help a girl out!! 

P.S. Can't WAIT to share some news on the 18th or 19th this month! We have so many things int he works that we just can't talk about yet, but I'm thrilled to share this upcoming announcement with you guys! Stay tuned...