Towels and pillows by  House of Woo

Towels and pillows by House of Woo

What makes a brand special? Is it the story they tell? Their process? Their devotion to their craft, regardless of the multitude of shortcuts available? Or is it the final product? With House of Woo, it's all of that and more. 

I recently discovered House of Woo through a friend, who knew I have a special penchant for brands who insist on doing things a little differently and a little bit better. On first glance, I fell in love with the aesthetic - it's a mix of everything I love about being a West Coast girl through and through - an organic, beachy bohemian vibe, but with a refined approach to everything. It's more than just a brand, however, it's a lifestyle. And I'm not just saying that. It's literally a way of life. 

From the most gorgeously effortless pieces for men, women, and even little ones (aka little woos)to beach must-haves and a home collection to die for, House of Woo has truly thought of everything. But it doesn't stop there. 

Situated in the heart of the Arts District in LA, House of Woo understands what a true creative community is all about and how important it is for people to understand and see the creative process. Think 'farm-to-table,' but for the arts/design world. Partnering with other creative designers and artists, House of Woo is aiming to do something totally different by merging their production space with the retail space in an experiential way that allows the customer to learn from and be inspired by the entire process. 

If you know me by now, you'll know I'm a total sucker for an ingenius and fresh approach to production and a huge fan of shopping directly from the source. And you really can't get closer to the source when it's literally being made right in front of you, now can you? To me, this is what the LA creative Renaissance is all about. 

One more thing I want to note - I was not paid for this post at all, this is something I feel really truly passionate about and it's something I want to more people to know about and be able to experience. I really truly believe that it's important to support genuine brands with holistic attitudes. 

Right now, House of Woo has an awesome Kickstarter campaign going on that you should definitely check out and donate to if you feel as passionate about this kind of project as I do (there are little gifts for donating, FYI). I'm hoping to swing by the studio to see it soon and I can't wait to show you more!

Oh and PS - I'm giving away one of House of Woo's amazing towels today on Instagram so make sure to swing by and find out how you can win one yourself!



Photos by me