When it comes to effortless dressing for formal wear, there are two rules I always stand by. The first is fit. The second is adding in your own personal wildcard. 

This Black Halo dress probably fits better than nearly any other LBD I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. First of all, the square halter-neck is just so so good, no? Secondly, I was actually able to request a 'taller' length, so it actually hits me where it's supposed to for once. 

As for the wildcard, denim doesn't get much further from formal wear, but when you pair it with the most perfect-fitting dress and a few statement accessories, it brings your look to an entirely different place. It also has the added benefit of making you look comfortable in your own skin, regardless of the mind-numbing conversation you've been trapped into by a friend of a friend of a friend you can't remember if you've actually even met before.  Plus, you can always chuck it while you're at the event, and it will help your look transition beautifully when you sneak out the back to get fries with your husband. Which is exactly what we did... 

Hope you had a lovely weekend!