This whole summer, I've been surrounded by sand. From the desert to the beach, half of my shoes now have permanent grains of sand embedded in their soles. Not that I mind at all - sand is much preferred to concrete any day in my book. 

We shot these photos in a quick trip up north during a small project that I can't wait to share more of next week. Northern California beaches are definitely a lot different than Southern Californian ones, or any other beach, for that matter. For starters, the water is freezing, no matter what time of year it is - and the fog, while totally romantic, rarely lets up. 

That being said, it's my favorite type of beach to go for long walks. You can keep cool, the beaches are rarely overcrowded, and it's always fun to watch the tourists attempt to swim in the ice cold water. That first expression when they reach the water is always priceless... 




Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli