Every holiday season, my family has a packed house - which inadvertently means I usually have to end up sharing my car with family members who have flown in for the week. This year, we did it a little differently, thanks to a new service that I am now unhealthily addicted to in the best of ways. 

Usually, I'll lend out my Jeep and rent a car when a lot of family is in town, which, over the holidays in particular, is a special kind of hell. This year, however, I had my car delivered right to me - and not just any car, but an Audi S5, thanks to Audi on Demand

The basic idea behind Audi on Demand is that you order whatever dreamy Audi you want from their well-stocked roster, and it's seamlessly delivered to you within a 2 hour window of your choosing to wherever you want. So for example, I happened to be shopping for last minute Christmas gifts in Hayes Valley and ordered a car for 12:30 at La Boulangerie. At 12:30 (exactly, actually), I got a call saying my car was outside and 10 minutes later, I was zooming towards the Golden Gate Bridge with the top down.

Even better, when it was time to return the car, pick up was just as easy - I originally scheduled my pick up for Hayes Valley as well, but after running a few extra errands, I rescheduled my pick up for Whole Foods. And let me just say that especially during the holidays, not having to change my plans in order to drive my rental car back to a specific location was a total dream. If going to a rental car place is a cold bowl of cereal, Audi on Demand is a 5 course brunch. With mimosas, of course.

The only problem is that it's totally addicting. Driving the S5 was a full luxury experience - from the in-car wifi (fave feature duh), to the various driving modes to choose from, to putting the top down while driving all the way up to 29 miles an hour, it's a far cry from the desert driving I'm doing right now. But from now on, it's officially the only way I want to drive when I'm in San Francisco! 



Photos by Stephanie Nguyen

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