/   DRESS   /   SHOES   / SUNGLASSES (in black   HERE  , in brown/blush acetate   HERE  )  

/ DRESS / SHOES / SUNGLASSES (in black HERE, in brown/blush acetate HERE)  

I distinctly remember feeling warmer last summer, although the temperatures here have remained consistent with last year's. And so it seems that they are right about this desert heat. That you get used to it. And, in fact, you come to thrive in it.

It clears your mind. It burns away the little things and puts those whispers of anxiety in the back of your head to sleep. It slows you down in a way that makes things clear. You focus on one thing and one thing only at a time.

You move less and do more, because you find intention. You draw your inner world out because you have the space to do it. And because if you want to, you can make the rest of the world seem so far away. And along the way, you let go of what you're supposed to be and you just are. No more, no less. Standing in the middle nowhere and everywhere, and entirely complete.



Photos by Kelsey Bollig