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We've been down in the Joshua Tree/Palm Springs area for nearly three weeks now, although at this point, it feels like a lifetime. We got so much done at Cactus Mountain and we're starting to see the finish line! Unfortunately, we can't finish it all on this trip  - and our life up North needs tending too. We're heading back to an extraordinarily crazy week as we hustle to catch up from the last few weeks, before taking off to enjoy the holidays. 

I know New Year's is a ways off, but I'm already starting to think about what I'd like to accomplish before the end of this year. I am a big believer in short-term goals and this is around the time that I really start mapping them out - both for this year, and for the next. For this year, I really want to get my paperwork in order before jumping into 2016. I think I'm getting there, but there's still a long ways to go! I also want to get back into a normal fitness routine - I've been thinking a lot more about yoga lately, both because Joshua Tree has the best yoga studio I've ever been to, and also because it helps me find balance like nothing else. And considering all the bouncing around we've been doing, it's something I can always use a bit more of!!

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