Review: A Sunkissed Winter With Boni Sands

When winter reared its pale face, we turned to a little help from Bondi Sands for a little self-tan help.

We suppose this is where we should mention that we are not self-tanner fanatics, due to the fact that it usually requires a level of maintenance that, simply put, we just don’t have the energy for. Not only is it usually time consuming to keep up a tan, but getting it even and natural looking is usually a next level kind of maintenance that usually sends us screaming back to our low-key (albeit pale) comfort zone.

But of course the Australians would do self-tanning best!

The most intimidating was the Dark Self Tanning Lotion due to the dark color that you can kind of see immediately. However, this (paired with the Self Tanning Mitt) turned out to be a godsend, as we were able to distribute it clearly and evenly with surprising ease. Plus, we were able to add another layer 30 minutes later for an even deeper tan without any fear of streaks, and without accompanying orange palms (major bonus) either. Plus, we looked darker right away and was able to get dressed normally without any of the product rubbing off on our clothing - perfect for impatient people like ourselves!

Once we mastered the Dark Self Tanning Lotion, we moved on to the Liquid Gold Dry Oil, which was unbelievably easy and felt like it was moisturizing at the same time. It also seemed slightly more subtle, which is actually perfect for maintaining a tan.

Building up a natural looking (but super deep) tan was surprisingly easy. We decided to just go for it to see how dark we could get and what we ended up with were legs that looked like they had spent the last few months in Maui (wish they had).

But our favorite product might be the Exfoliation Mitt - as it is perfect for pre-exfoliation to ensure you get a smooth, even result, and it’s also fantastic for buffing away any accidental streaks post self-tanning results.

The verdict? If you’ve been annoyed with self tanners in the past, we definitely recommend this one - it’s perfect for beauty aficionados and low maintenance ladies alike. Just be sure to have your alibi ready when people think you’ve been on vacation for the last few weeks…

*In collaboration with Bondi Sands and Shopping Links


Tienlyn Jacobson