5 Office Wear Dont's



Back in the day when everyone was expected to wear a suit or blazer to the office, dressing for work was a lot more clear cut. But as the way we work changes, so does what we wear to the office. While every job may have different rules, here are a few common office wear blunders - and how you can avoid them.


Uncomfortable Clothing

Sure, we like to dress to impress and the office is often no different. But believe me, those pants that are ‘just a little tight’ but still look amazing won’t feel so amazing after a few hours sitting at your desk or in meetings. Uncomfortable clothing has a way of growing more uncomfortable throughout the day and can often hinder performance as well. It’s a lot easier to focus on your work and put your best foot forward when your clothing isn’t riding up or digging into you.


Taking a Casual Work Environment Too Literally

A more casual work environment is a growing trend thanks to the rise of startup culture. It's even started to rub off on some corporate workplaces. But just because wearing flip-flops isn’t against the dress code doesn’t mean you should do it. In most cases, dressing too casually runs the risk of your coming across as though you don’t take your work seriously - or even worse, that you don’t take yourself seriously. An easy remedy is to take a quick scan around the office and make sure your workwear lands somewhere in the middle as far as casualness goes.

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(Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli)