I have been so drawn to the color yellow. It feels so fresh and somehow feminine but not in an over-the-top kind of way. As we're indulging in the last little bits of summer (but here's where the west coast has an advantage as we're actually just starting our Indian Summer), I'm soaking in everything maxi, flowing, and shoulder baring. 

Right before we leave for Toronto,  I'm going in for a big hair change - well, big for me. I've become really conservative about changing up my hair, so it feels like a big deal - can't wait to share with you! 

Also feeling a little wistful about skipping NYFW this season - although I am excited to see friends and experience TIFF. And considering the fact that we just booked two trips the same month we are moving, it's probably better this way - nevertheless, I'll be doing my best to catch all the details from my favorite shows! Which ones are you looking forward to? 



p.s. I just did a fun little interview over at - check it out for my favorite beauty secrets, health tips, style picks and more