With the change in season hot on our heels, I've been finding myself getting more and more excited about fall makeup. During the summer, I usually stick with neutrals and hold off on my favorite reds and darker hues until the air cools. But just how we go through transitional months of dressing, it's the same for me when it comes to makeup, especially with lip colors. That's why I was so excited to try a few shades from Shien - they're great for almost every skin tone, and have excellent options for the transitional months, whether you prefer pinks, nudes, or reds.

Check below to see my picks for each.



COLOR  Pink Jade

COLOR Pink Jade

PINK: Really love this subtle pink - it's just sheer enough so that you don't feel like you're wearing a lot and it has just a touch of a pearlescent quality that adds dimension (and helps make your lips look fuller in a really natural way) but at the same time, doesn't look too frosted. It also smells amazing.

COLOR:  Shanghai Rose

NUDE: A slightly darker nude than my regular Freckletone from MAC Cosmetics. It's a great choice for people who are just getting into nude lipsticks but still want a little color. Very pigmented and very moisturizing!

COLOR:  Gold Viper

COLOR: Gold Viper

RED: This color was a bit of a departure from my normal color range, but it's the perfect way to segue into a red lip for Fall. The gold undertones give your skin a really nice golden glow and makes your lips look super full. Also love the fact it has red algae, great tea and camellia oil in the formula. 

                                                                  Gold Viper ,  Shangai Rose ,  Pink Jade

                                                                 Gold Viper, Shangai Rose, Pink Jade

Photos by me and Nikko DeTranquilli