(1) Nicole Romano Chi Cuff (2) Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle (3) Elie Tahari Perry Shoulder Bag (4) Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Bailey Ankle Lace Sandal (5) Nicole Miller Nick Von K Bird Skull Studs (6) Cynthia Rowley Denim Jumpsuit (7) Nicole Miller Suffolk Sunglasses (8) Nicole Romano Novale Necklace (9) Cynthia Rowley Bikini (10) Nicole Miller Zembra Heels

I bought my very first designer piece on eBay.  I remember feeling nervous, excited, and supremely grown up. It was a pair of Prada heels (3 more followed soon after) that I loved fiercely for years. Buying those shoes was such a liberating feeling - not just because it was my first foray into purchasing what had previously felt out of reach, but also because there was a sense of pride that came with the hunt and kill. When it comes to designer pieces, my hunt/kill addiction has become well cultivated over the years. I'd even call myself an expert - but out of all the designer hunting grounds out there, eBay still remains my first love.

Which is why the eBay Designer Collective and my serotonin levels have a direct working relationship. Trust me - it was hard enough to narrow down my 10 top favorites - there is definitely more. I'll show in you person later this week. But in the meantime, can we just take a minute and dream about where we'd wear these two white denim jumpsuit-centric outfits? Which one would you wear?