Vamastyle Tank Dress, Jets by Jessika Allen Bikini (similar bikini), Zara Sandals (similar sandals)

There wasn't a day that went by while in Maui that didn't start with this view and this ocean-side walk. It became a ritual - one I intend to continue to some degree (considering the fact that I actually only live 5 minutes from the beach). Sometimes you have to go away in order to do the things that you always intend to do at home. Peel away the daily tasks, the long work hours and the everyday distractions (even the fun ones), and what you are left with is the freedom to discover who you might actually be without all the rest of it. It's definitely a good re-boot, to say the least.

Things I brought back with me from this trip: the recollection that I very literally love long walks on the beach (7 miles a day minimum while we were there - better workout than an elliptical by a long shot), that less can be more (in style but especially with makeup), a re-awakened interest in plants and herbs (lavender beauty/wellness post coming soon), and a pineapple-shaped cutting board.