Wearing:    Elena Reva Resort 2016                                                           Photo by   Nikko DeTranquilli

Wearing: Elena Reva Resort 2016                                                         Photo by Nikko DeTranquilli

With the New Year virtually around the corner, I thought it was time for a little change - and honestly, there's nothing more instantly gratifying than switching up your hair. So two days ago, I stepped into Sassoon Salon in San Francisco, in the quest of a refresh. 

After an in-depth discussion about what I wanted to do with my hair (where they totally got what I was saying and gave incredible feedback), they set to work - resulting in EXACTLY what I wanted: a dramatic, darkest velvety brown with a rich softness to it, and blunt ends while keeping most of the length.

If you're in SF or near a Sassoon Salon in any other city, I definitely recommend a visit. The entire experience was completely amazing - and the level of expertise of both Nathan and Elizabeth was extraordinarily extensive. In fact, I managed to pick up some useful tips for for gorgeous hair, which I plan to follow religiously. Read on for 10 resolutions for your most radiant hair in 2016... 


1. Try a Radiant Refresh: There's nothing that makes me feel like a new woman more than a hair refresh. Try adding a long, side-swept fringe for a face-framing update to a classic style, or go for a new color, like I did. 

2. Make your Blow-Out last: There's nothing worse than spending time or money on getting a gorgeous blow-out, only to have it last less than a day. Elizabeth Hartley, Sassoon's Senior Creative Director, advises using a lightweight mousse as a setting lotion, 'But make sure you comb the product through your hair to achieve an even blow-dry.' 

3. Shine On: Hair is a lot like skin in the sense that it gets strength and shine from a combo of proteins and vitamins. Customized weekly treatments like the Sassoon Instant Fusio Dose Treatment by Kerastase, will not only boost the vibrancy of your color, but will also prevent further damage and instantly smooth and strengthen each strand. 


4. Turn Down the Heat: This is something I just recently started doing, as I actually have naturally curly hair. Once a week, I skip styling and let my hair go natural. Make it look good by embracing your natural texture and apply a conditioning style cream and air drying. This will help you prevent breakage and cuticle damage, while combating frizz and maintaining softness.

5. Go from Gym to Glam STAT: Lucky us, slicked back hair is so on trend at the moment - plus, it's one of the most polished looks you could possible ask for. Apply a dollop of Gel Forte from Sebastian to the roots of your hair and leave out the ends. To go even sleeker, comb the gel through to tame strays and let your hair air-dry. If you want a more dry, texturized look, just blow dry your hair away from your face and use bobby pins to secure your look. Piece of cake. 

6. Trim Down: If you pop into the salon every 5-6 weeks, your hair will be healthy and fresh. Plus, if you get the right person (like Senior Creative Director, Elizabeth Hartley in SF), you can easily keep or grow your length without fear of getting it chopped of! 


7. Embrace Hair Oil: This is something I didn't believe until I tried it, but hair oils are super nourishing and the newest ones are incredibly lightweight. Try Davines Oi Oil or Oil Non-Oil. Note: if you have sensitive skin like me, try keeping your hair off your face with a cloth covered elastic to keep from breaking out - plus, the cloth will prevent any breakage in your hair overnight.

8. Treat Yo'self: Keep you hair shiny and healthy with an at-home deep-conditioning masque treatment. Just make sure that it's personalized for your hair type. 

9. Try a Cool Rinse: Hot water can actually dry out your locks, so opt for warm water instead. Plus, 'Rinsing your hair in cool water adds extra shine and locks in vital moisture,' says Elizabeth Hartley.

10. Warm Up Your Look: Blend warmer color palettes to bring out your shine. As San Francisco's Color Director (and my colorist) Nathan Booth says, 'From rich mocha for brunettes to deep ruby for redheads, and soft, light hues for blondes, warmer tones keep you from looking washed out in the winter and give your skin a boost of radiance. '  Which is exactly what we did - and I have to say, I feel like I suddenly have a glow sans tan, which is exactly what I needed for this winter!