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There are so many awesome people I've come to know in Toronto, and I always try to make a point to visit with as many friends as possible when I get over there. However, this trip also had a bit of a somber twist as part of the reason we came is because Nikko's mother passed away very unexpectedly and we spent part of our trip with family and organizing the service. 

However, as the last post illustrated, I was able to squeeze in a few visits with friends - a few dinners with my bestie (one including homemade borscht that was to die for and that I'll now be attempting to recreate at home), a trip to Jenny Bird, meeting lots of adorable new babies of friends, and a coffee and hang with Zane, who also just so happens to have one of the best stores on Queen Street West. 

It was kind of cool to find that he and Nikko and I are all kind of at the same place in our work lives - we've spent the last few years working as hard as possible, trying to make our unique visions not only grow, but carry themselves. And now, after year of hustle, we're finding that we all want to slow down a little and enjoy the ride - and well, just have a little fun before we jump back onto the grind. It's a good place to be in life, and it's always nice to hear similar sentiments from others. 

Speaking of having fun, I did a little perusing through the store and ended up coming home with this lovely little boob necklace. I love how dainty it is and I haven't taken it off since leaving the store with it... what do we think?