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I had the pleasure of meeting Candice Held when I interviewed her for Palm Springs Life Magazine a few months back, and we had an instant connection. One of my biggest passions, and especially since we moved to the desert, is meeting creative, inspiring women who have unique visions and who help lift other women up. So when she asked me to shoot a few of her beautiful dresses in this to-die Midcentury owned by artist Lynda Keeler and her husband Bob Keeler, my answer was immediate. 

While we shot quite a few pieces, I wanted to share this specific dress first as I fell madly in love. It's  designed and created from vintage scarves for a completely unique look. For someone who used to be color-phobic (until moving here), the fact that I am enamored with all Candice makes speaks to her talent for pulling colors, silhouettes, and prints together and turning them into a cohesive, breath-taking look time after time. 

Hair and makeup were done by the women from All Tressed Up - and actually, Amanda, who did my hair, took quite a few shots herself, which I'm looking forward to sharing as well down the line (we shot a lot...). I've never really worn my hair this way before but recently, I've become obsessed with braids. There's something both simultaneously functional and romantic about them that fits the scenery down here perfectly. As for the makeup, I think this might be my favorite makeup I've had done on me in years (I'm super picky) - I officially have a favorite makeup spot in the desert (ask for Jasmine, she's absolutely lovely and super talented). 

Find Candice Held's vintage scarf dresses here - but if you're looking for something a little less one-of-a-kind but just as gorgeous, check out her other pieces here (this one is def a favorite - and by the way, she designs the all the non-vintage prints herself!) 

Also make sure to check out her home prints here. I'm dying over a few of these myself! All the more motivation to finish our renovation... 



Photos: Candice Held (will be sharing more photos from Amanda soon) 

Hair and Makeup: All Tressed Up

Home: Bob and Lynda Keeler