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It's been an interesting year so far, to say the least - the most interesting part about it being how many New Year's clichés are playing out in real time, starting with a lost pup who landed on our doorstep on New Year's Day (who has now been named Bucky, the latest addition to our family - and Nikko's best friend).

I was also gripped with a strong desire to meditate - an urge that seems to have come literally out of nowhere. Since then, I've spent 20-40 minutes a day perched on my meditation seat - which surprisingly, nearly instantly lead to a series of realizations that have been pretty major. I think it was the catalyst for an attitude shift in my universe, where that which is most important to me is becoming more clear than ever, and that which is not necessary to my life is falling naturally to the wayside. It's like an internal spring cleaning - like I'm watching the universe rearrange my furniture. 

On top of that, this is the strangest winter I've experience in the desert yet - with mostly sunny skies and 70 degree temperatures, it's been so easy to spend a good deal of time outside. I've spent hours every day running around on our land with Bucky, walking the labyrinth that Nikko built on our back property, exploring new roads, and revisiting favorite hikes. Although we've lived here for quite some time, I think this is the first time I've really opened myself up in complete entirety to everything that surrounds us. And I'm starting really really realize how lucky we are to have come so far, to be where we are, and to be in a position where we can really create the kind of life we want to live - and not the one we're told is best for us. 

P.S. Thought I would share a link to an article I wrote for Palm Springs Life Magazine's The Guide on vintage shopping in the Greater Palm Springs Area

Wishing you all a very special week,



Photos by Kelsey Bollig