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While the majority of this side of the world rushes towards thick knit sweaters and knee-high boots (ok me too, a little), summertime in the desert is alive and well - and will be for a few more months. Now that the heat has cooled to a level that could be considered a normal summer, the suits and sun hats are getting full-time wear. We snapped these shots in our backyard one one of the rare days we had an hour or so of free time in-between trips... 

This might be the most flattering suit I've ever worn - I'm a big Panarea Couture fan at this point (you might have noticed I wear them a lot), but this suit is just on an entirely new plane of fit, form, and function. Plus, the material is hand-down divine. Although we're in Toronto now, when we get back to the desert, I'm planning on wearing it as a body suit for the next few months as well as just a suit 

I had the hat customized from my friend's new online shop that sells the cutest hats ever! I have a weakness for somewhat obtuse statements on clothes and I've always wanted a hat or shirt that just said 'Bruh.' So when I got the change to write it on a hat, I had to get it. I still want it on a shirt as well tho...  I also snagged this beauty there, and can't wait to bring it to Footgolf with Nikko - it's the ultimate 'I want to be in the sun but don't want a drop of UV on my face' hat, plus it makes you look fancy, no matter what else you're wearing... 

Is summer over for you or is it just starting to get good?