Reformation Whitley DressAlice and Leon Sail Earrings

I am continuously fascinated by how the simplest things can often be the most transformative. A sound, a scent, a single word. Or the slipping on of a dress that you feel was made just for you. I reject the argument that what you choose to adorn yourself with has no real meaning in the grand scheme of things. How can that be when what you wear can so strongly affect how you feel? And isn't how you feel what guides us the most?

It may sound funny, but lately I have been gravitating towards pieces that speak more to an idea, or how I feel than anything else. Whether it's the way a dress fits (with Reformation, the answer is perfectly), or pieces with a story to them, I love the idea of taking the philosophy behind a brand and incorporating it into your own.

From Reformation's locally made, sustainably sourced materials, to Asha Patel's pieces, which are designed to encourage positive energy, I have started to see my wardrobe as an opportunity for transformative moments. And so far, in the grand scheme of life, it's totally working.




Asha Patel Namaste Necklace, Alice and Leon Silver Dot Midi Ring and Gold Dot Midi Ring, Chevron Rings (similar in gold and silver)


Alice and Leon Silver Dot Midi Ring and Gold Dot Midi Ring, Céline Audrey Sunglasses


Alice and Leon Silver Dot Midi Ring and Gold Dot Midi Ring, Asha Patel Namaste Necklace.