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/   DRESS   /   BOOTS   (in white   HERE  ) (in silver   HERE  )/   EARRINGS   / 

/ DRESS / BOOTS (in white HERE) (in silver HERE)/ EARRINGS

This past week was probably one of the most optimistic weeks I've had ever since 2017 started. On a weather level, the sun was out in full force, clouds were nowhere to be seen, and jackets no longer required. Not to mention a small group of canaries have moved onto our property, which has made visiting the birdhouses a regular thing. 

On a national level, there is obviously a lot to be furious about and I have a feeling there is a lot more coming. But more than anything, I've been so impressed with the love and humanity that so many Americans have shown, and people's willingness to organize and stand up for their beliefs. Considering my faith in humanity has wavered a bit this last year, having it fully restored has been a huge gift. 

On a personal level, we've made so much progress on the GeoDomeIt still has a long way to go, but starting to see it come together has been both rewarding and energizing. 

This might be a little too soon so make proclamations, but fingers crossed that this is the way the rest of the year goes, because if it does, I think we've got hope, guys! ;)