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I have a tradition every year when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, and that is to give myself a do-over in February. It can be easy to start the year off with a bang, but once real life kicks back in after the holidays and you find yourself playing catchup, not to mention facing some of worst weather of the year, that whole ‘new year new me’ thing can start to feel pretty daunting, if not impossible. 

Luckily, the lunar New Year is perfectly spaced for that ultimate New Year’s do-over, as a month and a half after NYE is just about the perfect time to give yourself a reset. 

One way I’ve allowed myself to reset, both physically and mentally, is to take a day at a spa with Nikko. It allows us to spend quality time together outside of the craziness that has become our home (living in a reno is definitely an experience…), and it allows time and resources to truly and deeply relax. 

A while back, Glen Ivy Spa invited us to visit their massive wonderland of a spa and hot springs destination - and I’m not kidding, it was quite literally a Disneyland for adults - but the relaxing version. And because I can’t do it justice, here’s a link to the map of this place, because it’s pretty unbelievable.

From natural hot springs to saline pools, to saunas, hot and cold plunges, and a literal clay mud bath (Nikko’s and my favorite), the place was just unreal and left us feeling invigorated from head-to-toe. 

We also got to experience a Grotto Treatment, which was SO fun to do together as a couple. Essentially, we were led into a cave and painted by attendants with a moisturizing body mask made up of aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter, eucalyptus, and lavender. We then went into another chamber and cuddled up while letting the mask do it’s job, before heading to the next chamber to shower of, hop into robes and grab tea and snacks in the relaxation room.

I'm already looking forward to our next visit - if you're anywhere within 2 hours of LA, San Diego, or the desert, I would highly recommend spending a day here

Stay tuned for more winter wellness coming your way, including a desert wellness resort roundup and some at-home hacks to make February your healthiest month yet...



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