by Tienlyn Jacobson


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Joshua Tree is hardly a place to go for a jog in the afternoon in the summer, but I still love to take little walks to explore our area. It's such a breathtaking landscape and you'd be surprised at how much pops out at you when you take the time to put yourself in the middle of nothing and just observe. Yesterday, I saw about 15 of the tiniest baby quails I've ever seen following their mother around on our property - I've ever seen birds so small! 

When you live in a landscape like this, your everyday wear changes drastically. Casual pieces become completely essential and comfort takes on a new level of importance. And while it might sound counterintuitive, wearing all black just feels natural. This weekend, I looked up the temperature required for a hot yoga class and realized that when you wear black at 3 pm in the desert, you're essentially in the exact same climate. Except you don't have to pay and there's no downward dog. Seriously starting to consider a yoga platform at The Bucky...