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/ HAT / EARRINGS / SWEATER / JACKET (vintage, similar HERE and HERE) / JEANS (old, similar HERE) / BOOTS (old, similar HERE and HERE) / PURSE

This past week has been such a welcome break. I've spend it fully immersing myself in family, giving, laughter, and good conversation, with a good dose of self-care injected into the mix as well. I even managed to take a pretty significant digital break, with consecutive days of not checking my email and even posting less on Instagram. It's incredible how much this helped clear my psyche - and how much it helped me feel refocused for the upcoming year! I have this feeling that 2018 is going to be a really good one and I'm getting pretty motivated to make sure that it is. 

While up north, I pulled out some old favorite pieces that I keep up here (as they don't exactly suit desert living), such as my vintage Chanel purse and this men's vintage velvet blazer (stolen from Nikko - but also shoutout to Steph who forced me to wear my Delphine sweater with it, and who pep-talked me into believing I can wear a beret despite my own unique strain of cranial dysmorphia). I've really been getting back into vintage - in fact, that's the only type of clothing I can bring myself to purchase lately. 

Now that we're headed back down south, I'm looking forward to getting organized for the year ahead, as we have some really great projects in store (starting with my hosting the red carpet for Palm Springs Life Magazine for the Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala on Jan 2nd - more on this very soon!!!). I'm still working on formally writing down my goals/resolutions for the year, but so far, my intentions are simply to be stronger. The last two years have been huge challenges for us - sometimes to the point where we thought we wouldn't make it. But we did. And now that some of the biggest hurdles are over, I'm eager to achieve full strength through concentrating on clarity, simplicity, and control. 

Do you have any intentions for the new year?