by Tienlyn Jacobson


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I am currently writing this at 4 am, bleary eyed, and not totally sure of what I am saying to you, so I'll keep it short to prevent too much embarrassment or incoherence. I wore this look yesterday, when we went to go check out Frontier Café - the new, fantastic café that took the place of one of my last favorite cafés, Ma Rouge in Yucca Valley. 

One thing you should know about this outfit - the weather was just about to climb to 100 degrees. Why is that important? Because even in 100 degrees, I'm still wearing a trench. 

Since moving to the desert (I promise I'll stop saying this one day), I've learned that even when it's blistering hot out, having a good, lightweight piece of outerwear with you at all times is almost an essential. While you may curse yourself in the light of the sun, the moment you walk inside anywhere, it becomes an essential item to combat the beautiful roar of countless air conditioners and swamp coolers. 

Plus, I've always loved playing with proportions when it comes to shorts - it takes them from a somewhat boring addition to a wardrobe, and turns them into a key player. Which is essential, considering I'm basically living in them these days. 

So much for keeping this short! And now I'm off to douse myself in coffee and hit the road for my fabulous 2 hour commute. Speaking of, does anyone have any suggestions for some good podcasts!?




TRENCH / TOP (with sleeves HERE) / SHORTS (Somedays Lovin, similar HERE) / SANDALS / BAG / BRACELETS / EARRINGS (stay tuned)

Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli