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Renovating The Buckminster House has been a very different experience from renovating The Geodome or Cactus Mountain in the sense that it's been a lot easier to allow myself to go with the flow. I'm actually a little surprised by this, considering this is the first time we are fully living in the renovation with no place else to go (we lived at Cactus Mountain while renovating there, but only part time as we could still go to our house in San Francisco to escape the mess), which means our life and our home are in constant upturn. Nevertheless, I've found myself enjoying the process. 

This garden has been one of my biggest joys to watch turn into something I could have only dreamed of. We still have more fencing to do (and a door to add), a lot more plants, patio furniture (and Nikko has mentioned something about building a platform), and water in some form (rethinking the fountain and also thinking about adding a soaking pool). 

But it's already becoming a place to recharge, do a little yoga, meditate, or just lounge around with a drink in the late afternoon - a small respite from the mess indoors... 

I'm excited to share more renovation stuff for The Buckminster House soon - we're attacking the bathrooms next! Also excited to show you more photos of the finished Geodome... stay tuned.. 

And p.s. unrelated aside from the fact that I'm wearing it in this photo, but how gorgeous is this dress from Toronto designer Hilary Macmillan? I'm really loving their new items.



Photos by Kelsey Bollig