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#ad *In collaboration with Macy’s, however all opinions are my own. #timeforcoach

Over the years, I’ve become more and more of a minimalist in how I dress - partly due to necessity, but also due to my personal taste changing as I grow older. I’m no longer as focused on short-term joy or gratification from trends and styles that may come and go. However, that doesn’t mean I still don’t love adding a little pop to my outfits with high-quality items I know I’ll love for a long time.

That’s what I love about Coach’s new watch collection (from the new Coach Perry and Charles Collection btw, and designed exclusively for Macy’s). It’s both quality and classic, but it’s still plenty of fun while being functional. Plus, they have a ton of different styles, so even if you’re more pared back like me, you can still add a little fun to your look without losing your overall aesthetic.

Another thing I love about adding a little pop in the form of something functional like a watch, is that it reminds you to not take everything in life so seriously. It’s a constant reminder to take a little time out of every day for play. I’m an adamant believer that giving ourselves permission to play is how we fill our cups, so to speak. And if we don’t have a full cup ourselves, how will we be able to be there for others?

With the holidays coming up (and with the price point on these watches being shockingly good for their level of quality and style), I’ve been eyeing several watches from this collection. Since the styles and designs are so unique and fun, there really is something for everyone within this collection. So far, I’ve got one picked out for my mom, one for my sister, one for my sister’s wife, and one for my aunt. And maybe another one for me…. ;)

How do you like to add a pop to your wardrobe? Do you embrace fun from head-to-toe when it comes to style? Or do you prefer adding unique accents through your accessories? And which watch from this collection would you pick for yourself? For your loved ones?