Swim Fan

FashionTienlyn JacobsonComment

Well, summer's here, which means that it's officially bikini season. This season, I'm approaching fitness completely differently than I have in the past. I usually work out 4-5 times a week, however, this past month of extreme shooting at Joyus before travels and starting to get Cactus Mountain ready has really thrown off my schedule. And with so much left to do (and so many more trips to take), I don't really foresee my schedule getting back on track right away. So while I might not be able to work out as often as I have in the past, I'm making sure each day I get is more efficient. That means intelligent muscle toning through yoga, pilates and bar method, when I can get it. Oh, and lots of detox tea, which I have come to crave almost more than coffee!  But more on that later... 

How are you getting ready for swimsuit season?