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One thing Nikko and I really love about Palm Springs is the way everything landscaped to create a labyrinth of seemingly endless little worlds. It's a big part of what makes this my favorite city to meander through, forever exploring new streets set against the otherworldly backdrop of the mountains - especially now that the weather is absolutely perfect. 

A few new spring wardrobe additions here - first off is the Likely dress that fits just like all their other pieces. Perfectly. Second is this eco-friendly, made-in-America crossbody leather clutch from Duende, in the prettiest hue of pink. It's just one of those bags that truly goes with everything, no matter what color you're wearing. And of course, I love how mindfully crafted it is.

This month, we're spending so much time in Palm Springs and the surrounding cities - and while it's kind of a crazy month, it's actually one of the calmer ones compared to the months ahead. I'm looking forward to sharing more!