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*In collaboration with Dubli, however all opinions are my own #WhyNot #WhatsNotToLike #ad #dubli

I'll admit I used to be something of a shopaholic. In fact, I once lived solely on spaghetti and ramen for three months and walked 3 miles to school and 3 miles back every single day while living in New York just so that I could shop like a maniac. I can still recall making spaghetti in my one pot far better than any of the purchases I made that year. Now that I'm recovered, I've gone the opposite route - to the point of becoming a crazy save-o-holic (if such a thing exists). These days, a well-built budget will get me just as excited as a new pair of shoes.

A while ago, I came across Dubli - a game-changing Cash Back Site that gives a discount of up to 30% when you shop through their shopping portal. Plus, you can actually shop at your favorite places. In fact, you can shop at over 12,000 global shops that range from fashion and beauty to home goods, groceries, electronics, and even travel like flights, hotels, and rental cars! So basically, everything you ever spend money on.

A few weekends ago, I used Dubli to book a rental car and hotel for Vegas - and stocked up on road trip and poolside essentials. When you're saving money (even a small amount) on most of the things you buy, it can really add up - and fast. I couldn't help but put together a little collage of all the things I bought for our trip, including items from Shopbop, Hertz (car was a rental), Walgreens, Sam's Club, (see first image - we stayed at the SLS), and a truck's load from Target.

For Dubli, all you have to do is register (for free), find the place you want to shop, and click a link that will take you right to the store. The rest is just shopping like normal, except you get cash back from your purchases.

There are a million ways to structure your savings with Dubli into something awesome. One thing I've been doing is saving the $ I get back on normal, everyday purchases and using it for things I really want but would feel guilty splurging on otherwise.

Plus, I have to say, it's super fun to watch the money come in, which you actually get to do.

Do you use any cash back sites? Have you tried Dubli before?