by Tienlyn Jacobson


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I've mentioned it before, but it's such an integral part of how I travel that I feel like it's worth mentioning again - every new place I go, I like to spend even just 10 minutes alone in silence to take in all of the senses that surround me. While at Lake Como, I got lucky thanks to a gorgeous private backyard at the house where we were staying. With a symphony of birds, bells sounding in the distance, boats cutting across the lake, jungle-like humidity, warm sun, and a wall dripping with lush, fragrant rosemary, I was gifted an incredible saturation of the senses. I pressed my face into the rosemary, watched curious ladybug-like bugs seemingly duel it out (and then make up), and gazed out across the hazy lake for a good hour or so, in total silence aside from the atmosphere. 

To me, taking in a place like this is akin to taking in a meal. I It's an attempt to communicate with a place instead of just walk around and look at it. It's an indulgence that I savor, and these moments are often what stick the most in my memory - long after the normal leisure vacation moments begin to blend together.