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When it comes to skincare, I bounce back and forth between two philosophies, placing equal weight in both. One hand, I’m a huge advocate of all natural products, specifically organic ones. Afterall, it makes complete sense that you wouldn’t want to apply unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals to your skin when the end goal is to improve it, right?

However, I also believe in the power of chemistry, and of scientific breakthroughs. And sometimes that means ingredients that may not have originally derived from nature. So while my personal philosophy is to opt for organic whenever possible, I always have my eye on results. Luckily, with Puristry, you get both organic ingredients and a highly scientific and strategic approach to chemistry. How is this possible? Their totally unique approach. Unlike other skincare products, each product starts with a single ingredient and its purpose, focusing in on the purity of the ingredient, it’s potency, and what other ingredients work synergistically with that ingredient to aid in its effects. And from the two products I’ve gotten to try over the last few weeks, I can tell you that this approach seems to be working. Like, really really working.

Because a lot of how your skin ages depends on your environment, I’ve been hyperfocused on products that not only improve fine lines and wrinkles, but also work to protect you from all the harmful aspects of your environment. That’s the main reason (and also because I’m really starting to understand the benefits of resveratrol skincare) why I chose to give Puristry’s Vine Therapy Serum a try.

The focus on grapeseed oil and algae make for a powerful combination, strengthening your skin’s natural moisture barrier (much needed for the desert) while defending the skin against environmental stressors (again, lots of sun here, not to mention stress atm) which in turn helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. And while it’s at it, it also replenishes, restores and improves elasticity, making it the perfect first step after toning.

Speaking of elasticity, another product that really caught my eye was Puristry’s Restorative Facial Oil. I can’t say enough good things about face oil - I’m fully on the bandwagon! It really is the best face moisturizer you can get, in my opinion. While this improves fine lines and wrinkles as well, the thing I love best about it is its ability to improve tone and texture (and elasticity) - things that are often overlooked when it comes to visible aging.

It contains some of my favorite oils - with Jojoba Seed Oil and Rose oil taking the lead, supported by quite a few other fabulous ingredients. And unlike other brands that use the same ingredients, this is a highly concentrated, fully organic version which means more effectiveness all around.

 I apply this right after the Vine Therapy Serum and right before my moisturizer. Trust me, this is the perfect dry weather combination - it makes your skin look like you’ve been living in the tropics for the last few years eating only organic fruits and vegetables straight from the trees. You know, that glow you can only really get if you reject all the unhealthy pleasures of life? Except now you don’t have to…

However, I know that reviews can only tell you so much - so why not try the entire line (valued at $268) for yourself, for FREE? And when I mean the entire line, I mean everything in this photo:


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