by Tienlyn Jacobson


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It happens every time. Whenever we have a trip to Hawaii on the books and we get within a few weeks of it, I can't help myself - I start dressing like I'm already there. Sure, it may get me a few sideways glances in the produce aisle (or maybe that was the cart filled with pineapples that I suddenly decided I needed), but I just can't help it.

And it also actually does something else that's kind of productive. It helps me prepare for packing well for the trip. I mean, have you ever saved certain pieces for a trip just to get to your destination and realize that while they fit your fantasy vacation wardrobe perfectly, they are the last thing you'd actually want to put on while there IRL? Or is that just me? 

Either way, tiny co-ords are something I always like to wear when on vacation. Although, disclaimer - this co-ord set is probably a little more tiny on me than it might be on someone else, considering I stand about 6'2 tall with these heels on. Maybe another reason for those sideways glances at Whole Foods....