by Tienlyn Jacobson


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/   TOP   / SKIRT (Fame and Partners, similar   HERE  ) /   SHOES   /   RING   / 

/ TOP / SKIRT (Fame and Partners, similar HERE) / SHOES / RING

I've really been looking forward to the holidays this year, and for some reason, I've been more on top of them than usual - something that's come as a bit of a surprise for both myself, as well as everyone else in my family. Could this be a sign of real adulthood? Gasp! Say it's not so! 

Fortunately, the rest of these photos (and all my text convos from today) reassure that I'm in no present danger of a full growed-up-ness. Food comas and family pranks, here I come. 

Wishing you all an amazing Thanksgiving!



Photos by Kelsey Bollig