by Tienlyn Jacobson


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Every once in awhile, some unassuming article of clothing comes along that makes you feel like a total badass the minute you slip it on. Welp, that happened twice for me with ONU - which makes total sense considering their pieces were made for people who do everything - which is pretty much how I explain my life these days. From renovations, to producing or shooting from behind the camera, to being in front of it, to the million tasks I somehow manage to get done in a 24 hour time period, to the handful of cities and rural spots I frequent within a single week, high performance everyday pieces are majorly appreciated!

And while these pieces aren’t meant for working out, they do make you look like you’ve been putting your time in at the gym - as in, they’re the most flattering things I’ve worn in a long time. I’ve been loving wearing this top and bottom together, but I’m also loving the idea of a tunic button up with the pants - and even the idea of layering a button up or long sleeve under this top.

I think I may have found my superhero outfit! What pieces make you feel your most powerful?



Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli

In partnership with ONU