by Tienlyn Jacobson


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Five years ago, I never thought I'd write the following sentence. But the older I get, the more I understand why all the women I looked up to who were older than me would always say they prefer comfort over anything else. Ever year, the high heels get pushed further to the back of my closet, and the push up bras get less and less wear. It's not that I won't pull out the four-inchers every now and then (I do think you should always be able to wear them - even if you usually don't) every once in a while, but on the daily, I prefer my footwear low to the ground and my underthings relaxed. 

Besides, there's something really sexy about not trying too hard, isn't there? Effortlessness is so attractive - especially when it comes in the form of high-tech undies and bras that work with your body - supporting you everywhere you need it, without getting in the way. I'll let the video say the rest, but here's a few selects of one of my new favorite brands: