by Tienlyn Jacobson


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For someone who has spent their entire life doing multiple forms of physical fitness - often simultaneously, taking a long break from regular workouts was something that was not only a little painful, but incredibly daunting as well. 

Ever since we moved to Joshua Tree and jumped into intense renovations, I've had a lot of trouble sticking to a regular fitness routine. Not only is the summer just way too hot to run outside, but living amongst boxes and construction isn't exactly the most conducive environment. Add in the fact that every day has its own challenges that prevent routine, and it's impossible.

However, now that we are back from NYFW and the weather is starting to calm down, I'm excited to jump back into some form of a schedule - starting with more classes at my local yoga spot, but also great at-home options such as Bar Method Online - my favorite on-the-go go-to fitness resource, and Daily Yoga app for days when I find a little down time and want to sneak in a little quick-and-easy yoga. And then there's my secret favorite, which I'm sharing with you because A) I swear it's still the most effective butt workout I've ever done and B) It will seriously provide hours of entertainment: Buns of Steel on YouTube

How do you keep fit when things get crazy? Any at-home resources that you absolutely love?