by Tienlyn Jacobson


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There's one spot we always stop at on our way up the coast, and that's the Madonna Inn. While this place is famous for its uniquely decorated rooms (here's a fave), to Nikko and me, it's also pretty legendary for its desserts. In fact, this is the second time we've come this time of year - it's becoming something of a tradition! 

Next time, we'll have to stay longer than for just the desserts...

P.S. One of my newest favorite brands, Nicobar, is offering free global shipping for tomorrow only and it's a great opportunity to try out a few of their pieces!  Aside from the perfect fit and incredible quality of material, their clothes bring a touch of the tropics to everything you do when you wear their clothes. Which in my mind, is exactly what I want my everyday to be like. 

And P.P.S. I'm thoroughly obsessed with their home collections as well - definitely worth a look!