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I've hardly been in any rush to jump back into any kind of high maintenance routine - partly because the first week of January has been far more chaotic than I could have ever expected. I resorted to low-key looks that I could wear straight through work days of 6 am - 8 pm, and straight into the leisure hours of 8 pm to whenever I fall asleep on the couch and am essentially carried to bed.

This was kind of my routine over the holidays as well, and this ultra cozy jumpsuit was certainly one of the main stars. Because while going out can be fun, I'm still far more of a 'party on the couch with a cup of tea,' loungewear kind of girl. It's where bad decisions are kept at bay, good conversations are had, and the moments I look forward to most are created. 

How did you spend your holidays and how are you approaching style in the new year so far?


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