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The thing that's so great about having a long weekend before you take off for a vacation is that it gives you ample time to prepare for your trip. In theory. Because on the other hand, it also gives you ample time to get distracted by all the fun goings on in the area. 

So instead of packing, Nikko and I decided to wander over to the Saguaro for a quick poolside bite, which led to more neighborhood stops, a few more pools, and a golf course, before finishing up the day at one of our favorite slightly more under-the-radar spots, Draughtsman. Nikko had been telling me how good this place was for a really long time before I actually made it there with him, and ever since, it's been one of our favorite stops. 

Off to LA for a minute, but I'm excited to head back to to Joshua Tree before we head out for a little desert stillness - much needed after the long weekend, and before what lies ahead. And while I'm very excited for Italy, I'm also looking forward to the projects that are waiting for my return - both opening the GeoDome, and a few others that I'm keeping under wraps for now... This is quickly shaping up into what could be one seriously awesome summer. Fingers crossed it is...